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Alchemy Sound Healing is a North London based Holistic Alternative Sound Healing Centre holding events, training courses and private treatments.  It is spearheaded by Trinity who is a Gong Master trained by Don Conreaux, Aidan McIntyre, Sheila Whittaker to name a few. Trinity is a Sound Therapist Multi Certified by Gong Master Training, CMA and the World Therapist Association.  He is an EFT Master Practitioner in Meridian Point Tapping (Acupuncture with hands). EFT Tapping is a great source of affirmations and comfort.  He is also certified in Hypnotherapy, which is great for anxiety and has amazing results too. He has trained in a variety of subjects such as Tuning Forks and he continuously trains and learns from the best.

Joanna Bilik is a Gong Master trained by Don Conreaux and Aidan McIntyre and accredited by Gong Master Training.  She is a certified Practitioner in Crystal Healing,  Certified in Sacred Geometry. She is also an accredited EFT Practitioner.  Joanna has a huge interest in the esoteric and deep passion for healing others by channeling energies and helping to unblock energies.

Using Shamanic influences and inspiration from Kundalini Yoga Trinity  and Joanna tap into an impressive variety of instruments from huge top quality gongs, crystal singing bowl sets to other unusual sacred healing instruments to really open your mind and perform deep healing meditation.

They use Large Symphonic Gongs and Crystal Singing Bowls as well as multiple other instruments. Trinity and Joanna concentrate on channeling healing and transport you into a voyage of Shamanic Sound Healing and Deep Hypnotic Reprogramming that will leave you feeling lighter and more able to release what does not serve you. Immerse yourself in our unique holistic wellness triple sound baths.

The sound of a gong helps the brain reach states that we usually experience during deep sleep known as natural healing, creativity or aid relaxation. The amazing relaxation techniques for sleep or emotional stress symptoms are just some of what Sound healing can achieve. Other gong bath benefits are that it can put us in deep relaxation – specifically the delta and theta brain wave states, which are the slowest brain waves in humans. It aids positive energy, chakra healing and creates positivity around us. Sound Healing Meditation for healing sleep often has amazing results.

The ancient method of Gong Baths, also known as Gong Bath Meditation, Sound Bath, Sound Bath Meditation, Sound Healing, Sound Therapy, Gong Therapy, or Gong Meditation to name a few plays a more alternative healing role during a meditation practice.

We could all use some time spent in a worry-free state. What causes stress? Studies show that before the Covid-19 Pandemic 50% of Britons suffered from work-related stress at least once every year. However now due to the global situation symptoms of stress and anxiety and chronic stress have become even more of an urgent matter. 

The gong induces a holistic resonance in the body and a spontaneous meditative state in the mind, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness and wholeness, and an intense sense of letting go. The sound switches on the parasympathetic nervous system in turn letting us restore by slowing our brainwaves and allowing us to drift off into an inner journey of Chakra Healing in guided meditation.

The gong has been used throughout history as a ceremonial and healing instrument. It has been known to restore the mind, body and spirit to an equilibrium of balance with it’s harmonic vibrations. Helping with deep healing, releasing blockages on a cellular level. It is believed to have been around for up to 5000 years, since the beginning of the Bronze Age.

During a gong bath we can have a chance to look inwards to have a different perspective on problems and issues that we may have been struggling with: being in an altered state of consciousness allows us to see reality from a different perspective, and this may bring insight into our problems.


Our Upcoming Events


12th August Friday 7pm-10.30pm A unique full moon 3,5 hour sound healing event with the worlds Grand gong master Don Conreaux by Alchemy with a 4D multi sensory experience Gong masters Al Trinity creator of the new evolutionary sound therapy and founder and Gong Master Joanna Bilik of Alchemy Sound Healing are honored to put together Gonging for Humanity Full Moon Elemental Gong Bath with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and Gong Master Yaelle Eloul Shaphir Lac.


Gong bath and to complement other therapies used on the event in a dazzling venue 2,5 hours. 19th October Wednesday 7.30pm-10pm

One on one treatments

Alchemy Sound  Healing specialises in deep holistic alternative therapies all rolled into one.

Treating deep rooted emotional traumas, phobias, habits and even physical  chronic pain mixing EFT, Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing, Tuning Fork Therapy and Angelic Reiki Energy Healing.

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