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Alchemy Sound Healing, your gateway to profound transformation through sound. Led by Albert Trinity, the Innovator of Evolutionary Sound Healing and his other half Joanna Bilik, we pioneer alternative healing with Gong Master Training, Gong Healing Workshops, and Sound Therapy Certification. Immerse in Gong Meditation Classes and Sound Healing Practitioner Courses, discovering Gong Sound Bath Training for vibrational healing. Embark on Gong Immersion Retreats, uncovering Gong Healing Benefits and experiencing Gong Sound Healing Sessions. Explore Sound Healing Certification Programs and Gong Master Certification to elevate your journey. Join us for Gong Master Courses online, and witness the harmony of healing with gongs. 

Alchemy Sound Healing
Alchemy Sound Healing

Gong Mastery and Sound Healing: Our Expertise

Experience Albert Trinity’s and Jo’s journey through sound therapy, gong mastery, and holistic health, a testament to his two-decade commitment to healing and transformation. With expertise in Gong Master Training, Albert passionately cultivates the therapeutic power of sound and vibrations, delivering profound experiences. Albert Trinity has also studied with several masters around the world, including the Grand master of the gong and pioneer of sound baths, Baba Don Conreaux, with whom he still teaches. Blending old and new knowledge, Albert has created a hybridized wealth of techniques. He also comes from a lineage of healers and therapists, adding to his holistic prowess. Our motto is simple: give more.

Mastering the Symphony of Sound and Healing

From an early age, Albert’s life was immersed in an environment where angelic sigils and energy were integral parts of daily existence. This upbringing, coupled with his extensive studies under the guidance of masters like Don Conreaux, has laid the foundation for his deep connection with the metaphysical world. This profound resonance has ignited his passion for exploring the transformative power of sound, allowing him to craft techniques and experiences that redefine healing paradigms.
Alchemy Sound Healing

A Multifaceted Approach to Healing

Albert’s expertise extends far beyond gong mastery; he has honed his skills in an array of holistic health modalities. As a certified Reiki Master, he harnesses the universal life force energy to facilitate healing on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. This innate ability to channel energy aligns seamlessly with his practice of sound therapy, enriching the transformative experiences he offers. His comprehensive knowledge spans Sound Healing Courses, Gong Meditation Classes, and Gong Therapy Training, making him a versatile healer capable of addressing diverse wellness needs.

Unlocking Emotional Freedom

EFT tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is another facet of Albert’s repertoire. With a practitioner’s touch, he guides individuals through this therapeutic technique that involves tapping on meridian points while affirming positive intentions. This process empowers individuals to release emotional blockages, fostering a sense of liberation and well-being. This technique is seamlessly integrated into his Gong Healing Workshops and Gong Sound Healing Sessions, creating holistic experiences that address both the physical and emotional aspects of healing.

Kundalini: Awakening Inner Potential

Albert’s journey led him to become a Kundalini practitioner, embracing the profound spiritual practice that engages the life force energy within. This ancient yogic tradition resonates with his mission to help individuals tap into their inner potential and achieve higher states of consciousness. Through Sound Healing Courses, Gong Healing Workshops, and Gong Sound Healing Sessions, he shares the transformative potential of Kundalini energy, inviting individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner growth.

The Hypnotherapist's Gift of Transformation

Albert is an accomplished hypnotherapist, skilled in guiding individuals through deep states of relaxation and introspection. By accessing the subconscious mind, he facilitates personal transformation, aiding in the release of negative patterns and fostering positive change. In his Gong Meditation Classes and Gong Immersion Retreats, he combines hypnotherapy with sound therapy to create immersive experiences that invite participants to explore the depths of their subconscious and unlock their hidden potential.

Alchemy Sound Healing

Artistry and Aromatherapy: A Holistic Fusion

Albert’s artistic talents find expression in his visual artistry, where he transforms his visions into stunning projections that enhance the healing experience. Moreover, his training in aromatherapy and understanding of molecular structures of scent and taste add an olfactory dimension to his sessions, creating a multisensory journey of healing and rejuvenation. Whether through Vibrational Healing Workshops or Gong Sound Healing Sessions, this fusion of artistry and aromatherapy elevates the holistic healing journey, offering participants a unique and immersive pathway to wellness.

Guided by Angelic Wisdom, Transformed by Sound

Albert Trinity’s journey from angelic sigils to gong mastery is a tapestry woven with intention and devotion. His ability to synthesize his diverse skill set into holistic healing experiences is a testament to his dedication. Through his offerings at Alchemy Sound Healing, he invites you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth. By seamlessly blending sound therapy, gong mastery, and a myriad of holistic practices, Albert Trinity and Alchemy Sound Healing invite you to experience the harmonious convergence of ancient wisdom and modern healing modalities.

Elevating Healing Through Sacred Instruments

Through harmoniously blending Gong Sound Healing and Gong Therapy Training, Albert Trinity and Alchemy Sound Healing offer a transformative experience. The convergence of ancient wisdom and modern Gong Master Courses online creates a holistic healing journey that resonates with vibrational healing workshops. Experience the symphony of healing and self-discovery at Alchemy Sound Healing.

Gong Master Training and Evolutionary Sound Healing

Our Gong Master Training courses are not just lessons; they are transformative experiences that delve into the heart of sound healing. Led by Don Conreaux, a grand master and pioneer in gong healing, these courses are an opportunity to learn from a true luminary who has dedicated his life to the exploration and mastery of sound vibrations.

Accreditation that Matters

When you choose Alchemy Sound Healing for your Gong Master Training, you’re choosing an education that holds weight in the field. Our courses are accredited by CMA, IAOTH, and IGCT, organizations that recognize the quality and authenticity of our teachings. This accreditation is a testament to our commitment to providing you with a comprehensive and reputable education.

A Journey Through Techniques and Traditions

Our Gong Master Training courses offer a holistic exploration of gong healing techniques that span both time-honored traditions and innovative practices. From centuries-old methods to cutting-edge approaches , you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how sound can be harnessed for healing. Whether you’re interested in traditional gong methods or newly created techniques, our courses have you covered.

Alchemy Sound Healing

Diving Deep: Hand-Held Gong Techniques with Aromatherapy

One of the unique aspects of our courses is the exploration of intensive hand-held gong techniques infused with the power of aromatherapy. This fusion of sound and scent creates a multisensory experience that deepens the healing potential of your practice. You’ll learn to combine the resonance of gongs with the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy, resulting in a holistic and immersive journey.

Becoming a Master of Sound Healing

Our Gong Master Training courses are designed to empower you to become a true master of sound healing. Through immersive programs, experiential learning, and practical application, you’ll develop the skills and confidence to create profound healing experiences for yourself and others. As you progress through the courses, you’ll witness your expertise and understanding of sound healing blossom.

Our Upcoming Events

Alchemy Sound Healing

SUMMER SOLSTICE 16th-23rd June 2024 Lake of Frequency 2024 with Don Conreaux and Alchemy Sound Healing team and Al Trinity. Summer Solstice Gong Master and Sound Healing advanced course accredited diploma/ Solstice Gong Festival in a beautiful lake beach district a unique natural reserve In Poland. You will learn with Don Conreaux, who was formerly known as Baba Don and Guru Jagat. ​His first esoteric teacher was Paramahansa Yogananda with Don receiving his kriya Initiation in 1953. Master Don was then one of the five original Kundalini Yoga Teachers designated by Yogi Bhajan in 1969. In 1969 he studied with Yogi Bhajan the founder of 3HO and became one of the first five Kundalini Yoga Teachers trained by Yogi. Don established the Nanak Dwara Ashram for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Phoenix Arizona in 1970. At a time, Conreaux was working as a Hollywood actor, writer and director when Yogi Bhajan pushed him towards the gong. “Yogi Bhajan told me, ‘You’re going to Phoenix with a gong to help the heroin addicts’,” recalls Conreaux. “He wanted to get people off marijuana and LSD. He wanted them to use the organic LSD in the brain. His formal education includes a Masters Degree in Theatre and from 1952 through to 1969 he became an Actor, Writer and Director working in Hollywood and New York. Don Conreaux is not only the person who opened the first Yoga centres in the States in the 1960's but he is the father of gong baths and the pioneer of gongs. His patients even incuded the Rollings Stones. You will also learn with Gong Master, Licensed Accupuncturist, Herbalist, Reiki Master Level III and Medicine Woman Yaelle Eloul Shaphir LAc herself. Alchemy Sound Healing founder and Creator of Evolutionary Sound Therapy Al Trinity of Alchemy Sound Healing. We have amazing workshops and events. For Summer Solstice/Noc Kupaly 21st of June 2024 we have a singing performance by amazing Laboratorium Pieśni – Song Laboratory (world/ethno/spiritual/mystic folk music) is a female group of singers from Poland, created in 2013. Using traditional, polyphonic singing they perform songs from all over the world, mainly: Ukraine, Balkans, Belarus, Georgia, Scandinavia, Poland and many other places. They sing a capella as well as with shaman drums and other ethnic instruments (shruti box, kalimba, flute, gong, zaphir and koshi chimes, singing bowls, rattles etc.), creating a new space in a traditional song, adding voice improvisations, inspired by sounds of nature, often intuitive, wild and feminine.

Alchemy Sound Healing

We invite you on Summer Solstice to see a dance performance by Wachlarze Bojowe ( War Fans) https://www.facebook.com/wachlarze.bojowe/ dancing with Laboratorium Pieśni (Song Laboratory). Starring : Greta Morgane, Maria Ruddick, Beata Godlewska War Fans: We embody the secret femininity… we follow the path of female freedom, dance and sensuality.. we combine the Slavic Soul with the Wisdom of the Tao and the culture of the Orient . The dance combines the energy and energy and precision of Eastern Martial Arts, the Harmony and rhythm of Tai Chi with the subtlety of contemporary dance Wachlarze Bojowe ( War Fans) is Julia Bui Ngoc’s original technique, which was created in 2003 as a result of many years of laboratory work at the Centre for Theater Practices “Gardzienice”. When creating it she drew on Chinese martial arts (Wu Shu, Tai Chi, in which she is a multiple champion, classical dance techniques, which she studied in ballet school, and elements of contemporary dance and improvisation. Fire and flower wreaths on the lake.Fire and flower wreaths on the lake. *Flute workshop with Piotr Matlok and Ania Matlok - Lightbringer Flutemaker, who specializes in flute, folk flute, Indian flute, flute, shamanic instruments and black foot ceremonies🙏 Piotr creates flutes from cedar, a tree considered in many traditions to be a powerful source of energy and power. He lives in several places between Poland and Norway. Some time ago he was fascinated by the flutes of North American Indians. They fascinated and seduced me with their sound, richness of shapes, colors and meanings. *Intensive Flumie training (New Techniques) *EFT Workshop Singing Workshop with Laboratorium Piesni Wachlarze Bojowe Workshop *Intensive Large gong training ( Newly Created techniques 60 inch gongs) *Intensive Hand held gong techniques with aromatherapy (New Techniques) *Shamanic drum workshop with Jacek Zelazek who for many years he has been creating hoop drums, shamanic drums and tambourines. He is fascinated by the impact of sound on man and the world around him. He shares his knowledge and experience during shamanic drum workshops and drumming courses.. *Tibetian Singing bowl workshop in the lake of frequency (24 inch sitting bowl ) *Monochord bed workshop And much much more 🙏 *Accredited nationally and internationally by the CMA, IAOTH, IGCT and the Yoga World Organisation. *9 hours of an all night playing Gong Puja *Gong baths *7 hrs of optional morning Kundalini Yoga Karina Ska *Access to gongs and singing bowls and sound healing shop in free time. *Draw for winning a Gong *Early bird tickets - £ 1750 until 1st Nov 2023 and we accpet 500 pound deposit to book your spot. *From 1st November 2024 tickets are £2000 *Meditation Pyramid *Full board with accommodation *Gym, beach and water sports, jacuzzi time slot included beautiful walks in the 10 acres of forest, beautiful homecooked food by our chef. *Sacred instruments craftsman makers and guests exhibitions with unique instruments *40 large gongs and instruments *Spa treatments available. *Fully immersive 4D visual and sonic installation. * Made by our collaboration with Alchemy scientist turned into a 4D visual installation. Limited spaces 🙏 Want to know more ?

Alchemy Sound Healing
13th/14th/15th October 2023 OM YOGA SHOW

We are creators of unique large Engraved Gongs, Sonic Sabers. Come to our Sound Healing Hub to view our Giant Shamanic Drums and instruments. Friday 13th October for 3 days if you are in London the biggest Yoga gathering in Europe and one of the biggest of its kind in the world is hapening. Om Yoga Show is opening it's doors in Alexandra Palace. Access to Yoga Lectures, access to all 170+ yoga open classes, sound therapy sessions and many workshops as well as Yoga Shopping Village with over 200 stalls to browse. Alchemy Sound Healing is in October 2023 OM Yoga Magazine with a spread and article.

Alchemy Sound Healing

One on one treatments

Alchemy Sound  Healing specialises in deep holistic alternative therapies all rolled into one.

Treating deep rooted emotional traumas, phobias, habits and even physical  chronic pain mixing EFT, Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing, Tuning Fork Therapy and Angelic Reiki Energy Healing.

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Alchemy Sound Healing
Alchemy Sound Healing
Alchemy Sound Healing
Alchemy Sound Healing