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We are Al Trinity of Alchemy Sound Healing and I am a Multi Certified Gong Master and Sound Therapist, EFT Master Practitioner, and Hypnotherapy Professional with over 16 years of alternative holistic therapies experience. Trained under Don Conreaux, Aidan McIntyre, and Sheila Whittaker with my partner Gong Master Joanna Bilik trained under Don Conreaux and Aidan. Joanna is a certified Crystal Healer, certified in Sacred Geometry and EFT. 5 years ago I added Gong Sound Healing and Crystal Singing Bowls as well as many other instruments to my sessions having discovered it and fallen for it years before when visiting the Alchemy Centre in Camden. This at the time became my Mecca and my favorite Place in London. Following a Fire, it closed and it has become my dream to recreate the feeling I experienced for others, to provide healing and light through my practice.

It is then that I developed an interest in Meridian Points and EFT Tapping and found out how extremely beneficial it was for my clients. I started adding it to my sessions and became accredited in those.

I am constantly evolving and training and exploring a combination of those adding meditative soundscapes, visualization, and manifestation. I have been heavily influenced by Kundalini yoga and by Sacred Angelic Sigil knowledge that I often use in sessions Aswell as ancient music from across the World.

My interest in the esoteric path is deeply rooted in my family roots as my father and mother are Lightworkers. I am constantly developing my own unique Sound Energy Practice that combines the power of Sound with energy and Soul healing.

I believe my passion for ceremonial practices and spreading love is what sets me apart. I came up with combining the art of Acupuncture with hands – Emotional Freedom Techniques with Gong Baths and hypnotherapy and it works in a powerful triage of practices that help beat traumas, fears, addictions, blockages, chronic pain and reprogram the mind to fully maximize our potential and live our best lives.

With blessings and gratitude


Our Mission

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