Alchemy Sound Healing



Used in the course and one on one treatments. This is the ancestral recipe to dispel negative psychological, spiritual energy and attachments and even some energetical based physical pain. Can also be used to cleanse homes, just as palo santo or sage but much more potent.

How to use:

You can either spray in corners of the room towards ceiling. Or for yourself:

Visualize your body covered in dust.

Open the window.

Apply a spray of the alcohol tincture on the palm of the hands, do not touch eyes or face. Stand with your back to the window.

Use the palms of your hands and dust of from the forehead back three times, shoulders down the arms and back of neck and down the sides of your body. Then turn around and do the front of your body dust of through the window and inhale through the nose three times.


Do not ingest and Please assure you always have something underneath as it can dissolve paint as it contains alcohol. Also do not spray on plants or eyes.