Your sound healing journey starts here

A union of methods from the best masters of sound healing INCLUDING RECENTLY DEVELOPED TECHNIQUES


After many years of being part of the sound healing community and other therapy communities having studied with some of the most talented mentors from all over the world.
We decided to create our type of Sound Healing with several mixed therapies into it as a unique concept.
Since then many transformations have been had and we feel that it is finally time to release another one of our projects. THE GLOBAL ACADEMY OF SOUND HEALING (London Branch)
Based in London Alchemy Sound Healing facilitates fully accredited courses nationally and internationally by the CMA ( Complementary Medical Association, International Association of Therapists) as seen in Sound Travels, Time Out London, and Secret London.
We put together all the knowledge of great renowned teachers and our new creative techniques to deliver some truly amazing courses of this immortal art of therapy.
We now have openings for the following courses
Gong master and sound healing course (INTENSIVE). Tuning Forks Therapy Included). Free accommodation included. Conch Shell Horn inclusive IN-PERSON OR ONLINE
Sound healing practitioner course. Free accommodation included. Tuning Fork initiation included
ALL OUR STUDENTS GET A 10% DISCOUNT On buying their first gong or set of bowls.
We can also advise you on the right type of company to get yourself insured as a therapist as this is a requirement of the profession.
We cover a great deal of knowledge not only technical but spiritual as well to be able to give you your tools for serving humanity and your greatest calling.
We advocate love healing and creativity for that reason we decided to build a safe platform for all sound therapists to be able to express themselves without any toxic or negative interactions from other colleagues and for alumni students of Alchemy Sound Healing or for interested parties in joining a course. for that reason, we created this group on the link below that you can join on
For any further details please feel free to send us a message here on this profile or email us at
We can book you a phone call to discuss it all.